Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Kintish, you're such an interesting person"

I went to a dinner of an old client last night and sat next to Ian ( not his real name!).
He talked at me for over 2 hours. He told me about
his job - how he got started -how he ran the company - how he was going to take it forward - how....ooh I forget
his family - 3 daughters 2 grandchildern a wife he'd divorced and how they were still friends
his many years living in a bed and breakfast
how the music was too loud
...and lots more things I forget.
he was very 'interesting'. I was being very interested although he asked me no questions at all about me.
I just know on his way home he will have said to his companion, "I met a great guy tonight,he was so interesting!
When you let the other person do most of the talking, become a good listener and encourage others to talk about become very interesting.
A great lesson for building relationships be they social or business

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