Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I know the cure for any illness

I was out last night eating in a restaurant with the family. Through last night and dawn I was violently sick...not done that for over 20 years. But you know how to get better quickly even though you go off to work feeling well under the weather?
1 Be self-employed
2 Go and present in front of an audience. The adrenalin heals everything. Well at least for the time you are on stage.

I have decided to offer an new seminar. "How to increase your top line through cross-selling. There are only 2 ways to increase that line
1 Get new clients
2 Get your exiating clients to buy more services or more often

No.1 is harder than no.2 yet how many marketing departments spend a large resource on 2?

I have lots more to say on this....later

Monday, May 29, 2006

Late May Bank Holiday Weekend

3 days off in our mobile home

Paradise no business no speeches no travel no networking. The last one is untrue. I did network. I was in the pool

and met Terry. We chatted about all sorts and found lots of things in common.Did you know networking was only invented 20 years ago...before it was called talking!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Party Tricks

I attended an Institute of Directors breakfast meeting today…but for once didn’t really want to go. Well, I did get home from a presentation after midnight!

But I’m really glad I did? Why
1. I was able to tell Damian about using www.18866.com for cheap international calls
2. I introduced John to www.actionplan.com
3. I learn about RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification for you non-teccies out there). This was from a fascinating presentation from Mike Ryan of Idaho who spoke on “Business in 2010-Where is technology taking us?”

Answer? To places we wouldn’t have dreamt of even 5 years ago.

And then I chatted to David from Greystone who used a phrase ‘Party Tricks’ It got me thinking that’s what we do in our business…we show people part triacks when they go networking. Thanks David, a useful conversation

This is a reward for the work we do

It is an email just recieved from a senior bank manager showing how to work a room in a professional manner does produce results...AND BIG ONES AT THAT!

"From the presentation In Carlisle, the day after I was chairman for a financial day for the Scottish Enterprise board in Galashiels in the Borders, which was perfect opportunity to try out the tips from the presentation.

I picked up the point of when entering a room to talk to some one who is on their own. I did this at lunch time and from the conversation got a lead which resulted, some 2 months later, in transfer of a new member to CB, £ 1.1m of asset finance and £ 160k of other facilities with a wealth report presently being done for the directors. So I must have carried out listened at level 1 at the presentation from Sue and the training worked !!"

WANT TO KNOW MORE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU? A visit here may help

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kintish hosted a table last night at

the Pro Manchester annual dinner.It was a splendid affair with about 550 packed into theMidland Hotel.Ann Davies, my business development director and I hosted a table and we were delighted to have 8 guests. I hope they had a good time. We worked hard to ensure they knew all the arrangements well in advance, the day before we again reminded them of everything and on the night did our best to play the perfect business host.
Through the meal I suggested the men moved one seat to the right after each course to ensure we all had chance to chat to as many people as possible.There were 5 men and 5 women so there was perfect symetry.
This morning Ann and I will have our debrief meeting. We will discuss what went well, what we might have been able to do better and discuss any possible business opportunities for us and/ or our guests.
When you host corporate events there are three distinct sections.
1 The planning and preparation
2 The event itself
3 The debrief as soon as possible after the event
Are you and your team covering all angles when investing time and money in corporate entertaining?
We run How to Host Successful and Profitable Corpoate Event workshops. Please view here for full details

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Do you remember when your first child was born?

Our first child was born 30 years ago and we all went to celebrate at a great hotel near Stratford-uopn-Avon. It was called Salford Hall and we couldn't recommend it highly enough.

We (that's me and my wife Trudie and our granddaughter Aimee of 16 weeks old)

spend a magical two days with birthday girl Joanne, husband John, our son Antony and girlfiend Susannah.

This is why we work

Linton Falls near Grassington

I went hiking today in the Yorkshire Dales with the Park Lane Hiking Club. 6 of us went from Long Ashes across to Hebden into Grasssington through Grass Woods then back to the car.

It was a magical day and I had a great ‘AHAA MOMENT’ Charles said something which made me think, “Ahaa that’s a good idea.” Just because we relax doesn’t mean to say we switch our brain off altogether. In fact, on reflection, perhaps it’s when we do into relax mode our thinking becomes even clearer. Below you'll see John Janet Michael and Ian...in Ian's garden.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When in Rome do what the

….Kintish’s do. Have a wonderful time. I was presenting there on the Monday so thought I’d get some gold stars if I took Trudie my wife for the weekend.
We had a wonderful time in spite of being there before. We relaxed in the big park in the grounds of the Villa Borghese in the northern quarter of the City, sunbathed on the beach at Ostia, Rome’s seaside resort and eat at an outstanding restaurant called Enoteca Capranica . Outstanding food, old fashioned traditional top class service and , if you’re a wine buff, a cellar to die for. The wine list had 38 pages ( yes 38) with approximately 20 wines to a page.. Some costing over £800! But what an experience. Don’t miss it when you visit. And don’t be put off by the sign on the door which says ‘To enter , please ring bell’. Probably because they have £1,000, 000 of wine stored in the place!

Even scientists do it

I worked at a well known chemical company where they have a department full of doctors. Not medical doctors, PhD type ones. All very clever and technical who spend their Days looking down xxxx scopes and doing clever things on their computers.
They are expected to go to conferences and seminars and bring it work.
I was expecting the worst so was pleasantly surprised when most of them were keen to learn. I say most as on any training seminar there are 3 types of delegates
• The enthusiastic learner
• The holiday maker ( i.e. the one who would rather relax at the back of the room than actually do any work!)
• The prisoner (i.e. The person who is “sent” whether he or she likes it or not)

We had the usual mix on the day!

First impressions…don’t always count.

I arrived all hot and bothered today at a client’s premises. The taxi had arrived late, the sun was hot even before 9 am and when I saw the room I was to do the training…well, I just wanted to turn around and go home.
We were to work in what I can best describe as a ‘posh cellar’! The sun was streaming in, no aircon…what a disastrous start!

But I did receive a warm welcome from Head of HR and what a wonderful day I then had. The sun rose (as it normally does), we kept the door open meaning the temperature was just right and then we laughed. Did we laugh? What a great and appreciative audience. Architects who are like all other professionals; great at their area of expertise but well outside their comfort zone when it came to business development in general and networking in particular.
I hope they turn their new-found knowledge into new skills by practising what was taught today.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Meet Gihan Perera

Meet my friend Gihan Perera
Every week I get his newsletter on web-based marketing in particular and practical, low cost marketing in general. It is outstanding.
I recommend you subscribe, free of course, through www.firststep.com.au

"7 Fatal Mistakes most businesses make with their websites" report?

Here is part of this week’s message from his newsletter

Don't focus on your client's needs and wants.
Most business consultants will advise you to focus on your clients' requirements. In one sense, they are right - you will certainly get better results by concentrating on the benefits you offer them, not just the features of your products and services.
However, you can get even more leverage by finding out about their clients' requirements. In other words, make their job easier in serving their clients.
I'll give you an example.
There are three types of Web designers:
1. A bad Web designer builds a Web site that they like themselves.
2. A good Web designer builds a Web site that their client likes.
3. The best Web designer builds a Web site that the Web site visitors like.
A smart client will say to her Web designer, "It doesn't really matter whether I like it or not. If my Web site visitors like it, that's what matters most."
It works both ways.
If you're working with a supplier, brief them on what you're doing for your clients, so that they can help you achieve it.
And if you're a supplier, ask your clients what they are doing for their clients, and deliver your service with that in mind.
Here are his full details
First Step Communications Pty Ltd
PO Box 257, Coolangatta Q 4225, Australia
Phone: (+61) 07 5599 3133, Fax: (+61) 07 5599 3433
E-mail: gihan@GihanPerera.com

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting focused

Getting focused
I mentioned a day or so ago about “What I REALLY REALLY” want. I want you and other people around the world to have the opportunity to learn to network more effectively. As I only have so much time to present maybe you will be interested in learning by purchasing either my book, audio book or various CD’s and DVD’s.
Today I was working in the studio with my friend Guy Levine who is assisting me with the production of these.
Link here see the first two products which are now available
It’s great working with experts. When you’re an expert in your field I feel you appreciate the other person’s skills that much more.

Lunch with old friends

I met Roger who runs a terrific recruitment company called Ashley Hoyle who I’ve known for 30 years now. We hadn’t seen each other for a while but spending just 90 minutes over a sandwich at the Midland Hotel was a truly pleasant oasis in the busy life I lead.
How often do you think about old friends you’ve not seen for a long time…but do nothing about? Time to pick up the phone?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

What do you want, what do you REALLY REALLY want?

...ah those Spice Girls from 'the last century'!
But seriously though. What is it you really want? I listened to a an Achievers Edge CD ( see April 30 2006 for the link) and Michael Howard, Chairman of Maris Interiors was asked how he had gone from very humble surroundings to the position he was in now. "Now" by the way is the owner of a company turning over £50m.
His answer was to be totally focused. How focused are you in getting where you want to be?

What do I want?
I want to be offering my knowledge in a number of different ways. Apart from presenting and training which I love, I'd like to be able to have enough 'passive income' so I can take time off whenever I feel like.
I have been working on my book, CD's DVD and booklets for ...well I'm embarrassed to say.
But now I'm focused and take time out weekly to finalise all my products.
Have a look here to see 2 that are in fact finished. By August 31 I will have finished
  • My book entitled, "I hate Networking!". It is the story of the networking life of Brian, the reluctant professional. We meet him when he does his usual ...declining an invitation, through to.....well read the book to see what happens.
  • My audio book. The same as the paper-based above
  • An audio CD entitled "How to host a successful and profitable corporate event"
  • Another audio CD "How to work the room".This includes how to overcome all your fears and concerns when you enter that room full of strangers.

Strangers? Those funny people your mother told you not to talk to when you were 4 years old

Thursday, May 04, 2006

When you teach you learn

When you got to business-related events I am always suggesting you do some preparation and planning first. You’d never attend a client or prospect meeting without doing so, would you? So before you go, be professional and

Aim to get a guest list and do some research
Set yourself some goals
Know here it is, parking etc.
Know the format for the event and the timings
Sort out your personal image

And, it was this last one which prompted me to write today’s entry.
A delegate on today’s’ seminar said “you need to PIP.”
“What’s that I asked?”
“Your personal image preparation”
Wow I thought….good call. That was some new learning for me.
What ought to be included in your ‘PIP’?

Networking with the right people
I heard also today, one delegate had started to implement some of the ‘working the room manoeuvres after being enthused by the learning.
So, she approached an open group asked if she could join and started to have a real jolly time. It took her 3 -4 minutes before she realised she was networking with the band!
But at least she started to practise!

I attended a bar mitzvah and sat with my old partner Tony Tesciuba. He now runs his own accountancy practice.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Small talk is the foundation of all relationships

Look at this picture and you'll see 6 objects which represent topics you can discuss. Need some help? Contact me, Will Kintish via will@kintish.co.uk if you need help

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Reward for one’s labours

If you don’t enjoy the pleasure of leisure, what’s the point of putting all that effort in.
Now don’t get me wrong. I am an incurable workaholic. But there has to be a few moments to rest and ‘smell the roses’.
We spend some of our leisure in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the best well-kept secrets in the UK. Don't click on the link becuase you'll like it so much you'll want to visit!