Tuesday, May 20, 2008

remembering names. Can you?

“Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

- Dale Carnegie

When we go networking it is simply to build new or build on exisiting relationships.

No single action conveys the message "you're important" as effectively as remembering another person's name. Here are some steps you might take to help ensure name recollection:

Hear and understand the name
Create a mind picture linking the name with the person
Add details about the person to the mind picture
Repeat the name in conversation
We often don't hear the name simply becuase we are too focused on ourselves. 'What will I say next?' 'Will I be interesting?' 'Will I say something stupid?'

when you give your full attention to someone you meet and greet and follow the guidelines above you have a much better chance of hearing, then remembering their name

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"It's official. You can now talk to strangers."

When we were young everyone is given this advice. But just now I watched a TV programme where police were asking young children under what circumstances was it acceptable to talk to strangers.
Little Johnny said ,"Please miss, when you need help and the person is doing a job, sometimes in a uniform and in a building" PC Mary said "Absolutely right Johnny, well done."
A lesson for us adults. When we attend business events, we are looking for help (i.e. new business)in a building ( normally),everyone is doing a job ( otherwise they probably wouldn't be there)and they are in a uniform (suited and booted or 'smart casual').
So there you go. When you walk into that room full of strangers make the first move and approach either someone on their own or an open-formatted group and ask, "Please may I join you?"

Friday, May 02, 2008

"Did someone mention times are getting tougher?"

They tell me there’s a credit crunch coming along, that the economy is on a downturn, that the near future is bleak…

Well, I’m not joining in! And nor should you.

Remember, whenever there are difficult market conditions, in the most challenging economies in the world, people still succeed. In tricky circumstances, teams still pull through, people survive… and not just survive, thrive.


Because they do the right things… and have been doing them when conditions have been good. They have businesses built on solid foundations, a clear and congruent strategy, and an effective approach, filled with belief and determination.

Those who will suffer are those who, when market conditions have been good,

Have just been harvesting, and not sowing for the future.
Haven’t laid foundations for growth, just get-rich quick.
Have just been taking customer orders rather than building client loyalty

Interesting, isn’t it, that it’s these businesses who are showing the first signs …

Of course, 97 percent of people will resort to a blame/complain/seek compensation approach in troubled times.
The 3 percent who will thrive are those who have clear goals, who have belief in their own abilities to succeed, who are forward thinking, and energetic.

Time for Leadership!

In times of turmoil, the leaders “step up to the plate” (to borrow the sporting terminology). And we are all leaders: whether you’re a leader of your team, a business owner, a family leader, or even a self-leader!

So if you are without a Mission, a Vision, Values, specific goals, an action-plan for success, a zest-filled environment where you thrive and where your people love to work, and the right clients love to come… you may have missed the chance. Because there will be precious little time to sit and create a winning strategy when the vultures are circling, when the going is tough, and when you feel least positive about the short-term let alone the long-term.

My advice: get your strategy sorted, create a rudder NOW for the stormy seas ahead. And then, with confidence, you too can choose not to join the crunch!

This came from Phil Olley as it reflects EXACTLY what i'm thinking i couldn't see any reason to amend it. check out his site; it