Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How important is academic excellence in the scheme of things?

I had my worst day presenting this week. I was asked to 'motivate' 200 6th- formers.The school is acknowledged as a top school when it comes to education.
But their manners and That wouldn't make them top or any where near it.
The head teacher spent most of the time "sshhushing" but to be fair it was mainly the boys.
Did they learn anything? A few did I suppose. What was my thinking about what is supposed to be THE TOP SCHOOL IN THE REGION? I was embarrassed and the experience left a bad taste in the mouth.
Good manners is just as important as good A levels. Do the teachers and governors realise this when it comes to success in life?


Chopper said...

I couldn't agree more. These little upstarts need to learn that being spoon fed A-level A grades does not a smart arse make! You tell them, Will.

Kintish said...

Being courteous and polite makes you a whole person. Being clever, just half