Sunday, October 22, 2006

Do you want a new job?

I met my friend Carl(not his real name) yesterday who told me his son was struggling getting a job as a trainee professional. He wondered if he wasn't good at this ..or wasn't profient enough at that. so I offered to see his son jeff ( not his real name).
He popped over this afternoon and what a delightful chap he was. There was no one thing I could put my finger on. We then discussed why he had had 4 'no thanks'. He was honest enough with both of us to say why he thought he didn't make it.
I then explained he had to get involved with business development! "Ugh?" he said.
I then explained marketing your services products and yourself is a numbers game. I sent him away with a supporting letter and a list of companies to contact. In the spirit of networking I will write a letter of support when he approaches these companies. Why? Because I know these people!!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Ah, personal recommendations. The best way in. But Will, really, this guy was moaning about only FOUR rejections.

Clearly,he's been mollycoddled or something.

A dose of the real world might do him some good.

My article about your home town may help. It's here.............


Anonymous said...

I always like the analogy of how babies walk ... if you'd given up after the 4th time you fell over you'd still be down there dribbling! (and probably wearing a nappy as I bet potty training wasn't a breeze either!)

You're right of course about the numbers game.