Sunday, June 29, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation – A Foundation

I'm delighted to introduce my good friend and a UK leading authority, Guy Levine to be guesting on my blog. Read what he has to say - it will raise your visibility.

Most people will use a search engine every day, if not many times per day. Looking for information, looking for new suppliers, looking for things to buy. People are looking for everything online. In fact, some research just released states that a font page Google listing is worth between £10,000 and £100,000 per year! Web Marketing Advisor CEO Guy Levine, a Manchester SEO Company shares his strategy

Do you want to be top of the search engines?
The benefits are numerous, but there is some work involved. Let me share some SEO foundations.

Firstly, survey your competitors

The best way to get ahead online is to take a good look at the competitors around you. Everything is possible, but it is far better to make sure that your first efforts are effective. The best way to find this out is to look at the number of search results for a key phrase which you want your website to be found for. Our method of beer mat calculation says that searches with less than 1,000,000 results are projects which can be done quickly and cost effectively. 1-5,000,000 are a little more challenging and 5,000,000 and above become and longer term project.

Choose your key phrases very carefully

When you ask most people what words they want people to use to find them online, they will often give you the most generic phrase possible, such as consultancy, mortgages, accountant or some other top level word. The issue is that these phrases never really produce any business. Firstly because there is so much competition, getting to the front page can be a long, involved and expensive operation. Secondly, because they are too generic.

Keyword Selection Strategy

When someone does a search for the word ‘accountant’ on Google, there is very little chance that they are going to buy or enquire from the search results they see. The search is just to generic. What people will then do is add a word to the search depending on the search results displayed. So the next search might be ‘tax accountant.’ This could then bring up a country wide selection of tax accountants. The likely hood of this search bringing in business does improve, but it can be made better. The final iteration is to add one more word, which then becomes ‘tax accountant Manchester.’ The person who types this search into Google is definitely a potential new client for a tax accountant in Manchester!

The more keywords in the search, often the less competition which ultimately means quicker and more cost effective results. It’s worth taking the time to really think about the words you choose to optimise your website for as they really do make a big difference.

All of the strategies above can be classed as ‘on-site’ which means things that you can do to your own site. There are also a host of other activities which need to be undertaken, which can be classed as ‘off-site,’ one of which includes increasing the number of people who link to your website.

Guy Levine is the CEO of Web Marketing Advisor, a cutting edge SEO Company.

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