Sunday, March 11, 2007

Einstein is here, alive and well...

....well not Albert himself of course, but Einstein Network TV.This is a subcription channel which...Well read what it says on the front page of their website

We combine industry knowledge with television and eLearning expertise to design concise and informative training and development materials.
We work with leading professional institutions to promote excellence in CPD/CPE.
Our unique visual learning solutions use the powerful media of TV, video, CD and online technology helping to make learning more stimulating, effective and rewarding.

I was recently interviewed for approximately 25 minutes about the basics of networking.In about 4 weeks it will be available to all their subsribers with all my contact details. I think it was a fantastic marketing opportunity.

If you have an expertise you think would be useful to the professional and financial world call me and I will put you in touch with the Joan, the really nice associate producer who is always on the look out for 'experts'.

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