Saturday, September 16, 2006

In around 1996 I said I was going to write a book

I did! And it came out on Thursday September 14 2006. The book I was going to write was all about Client Care.
This book is called "I hate networking!" Here is the picture on the front cover

We had a party to launch it in partnership with Helen and Brett of Capture 1 Video.
They have launched their fantastic product for people setting up in business. It is a 5-set DVD showing the best and worst practices.
Other people who were really helpful in getting the products ready were
Steve Swinyard the printer of JS Dutton Gareth Lewis , the ebay man who helped with all the design.
It was a 'right good do' and I hope lots of people made some useful contacts

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Simon Wharton said...


It was great launch. Not only was the product great, the event also helped me generate a few very strong leads. Thankyou for facilitating that