Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am a presenter

“The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts to work the minute your born, and never stops until you get up to speak in public.”

- John Mason Brown

I heard from the Dale Carnegie organisation today.
They were the people who gave me all the advice and help to make me into a confident and effective speaker.
Here is some advice from their email today

Confident Gestures:
• Stand with feet shoulder width apart
• Uncrossing arms in front of the body or at sides
• Holding open palms facing the audience, or closed palms facing the speaker
• Holding head straight up, chin up, and chest out
• Eye contact with group
• Smiling

Getting Rid of the Fear and Horror of Public Speaking
2 days, 8 hours per day

Dale Carnegie changed my life for the better and forever. It all satrted by changing my attitude, its true what they say 'Attitude IS Everything'.


Eric said...

Have you taken the dale carnegie course on public speaking? I am considering it and wanted to get some feedback on it.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Try a Toastmasters International Club