Monday, September 04, 2006

3 Networking tips. Business cards, badges and boring

Business Cards
Cotrary to graphic designers views having a great business card won't bring you new work.However, badly designed ones can create an immediate "is this person really serious about their business" impression!
The most important aspect of busines cards is not yours but ASKING FOR THE OTHER PERSON'S IF YOU ARE GOING TO FOLLOW UP.

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Wear your badge on your right lapel. The person you greet will see it clearly at the end of your out-stretched arm. If you attend lots of events buy your own with your name clearly printed on. Magnetic ones won't damage your clothes. We buy ours from Recognition Express in Manchester. Can't recommend them highly enough

When we go networking we sometimes meet boring people. Please don't look disinterested or look over their shoulder. That is the height of ignorance. There are the right ways of moving on with courtesy and respect. How? I'll tell you on another day!

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