Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Networking isn't selling!!

Networking and selling are like oil and water, they don’t mix. When you go networking it is simply a platform for creating the opportunity to sell. 

Networking is about building relationships and the selling of yourself.  Be interested, not interesting and whilst you are in the middle of a conversation rabiting on about your products and services, think of the acronym, WAIT – WHY AM I TALKING.  All good sales people know that we were given two ears and one mouth, unfortunately not a lot of people realise it was a message from above that we are expected to use them in that proportion.  Creating the right impression by being a good listener can lead to that follow-up call after a networking event with the possibility then, only then, of doing some real business.

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Jordi Robert-Ribes said...

"Be interested, not interesting". Absolutely!
Get your mind thinking "how can I help this person" and avoid "what can I get from this person"!

Jordi (Networking & Business: )