Sunday, January 04, 2009

LinkedIn…your best online networking friend

Admission time
I have been thinking for the last 3-4 years, ‘Social networking is for the kids’. When it comes to business I have been constantly sceptical about web 2.0 in spite of being signed up to Facebook, Ecademy, Plaxo, You Tube and My Space. Being heavily involved in offline real live networking I felt it my duty to join but with no real conviction.
So why have I become a raving fan of this particular online system? Simply because Reid Hoffman the founder, in 2003, has come up with a process as near as makes no difference to real live networking.
I have been studying the software for 5 weeks now and believe I know as much about it as most and the more I know the more brilliant I find it.
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Jan Vermeiren said...

Hi Will,

what can I say? :-) Of course you are right!

Actually, at the moment I'm looking for extra input for my new book "How to REALLY use LinkedIn".

As a "thank you" gift for your help I invite you to a free webinar.

Please give your input:

Have a great networking day !