Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do something different..don't get bored!

Following the same routine day after day can get boring and make it seem as if you are experiencing a 'slump' at work. Find something to focus on, recall happy moments and you will feel moe exilerated. Apply these positive feelings to the work you are trying to do. Here are some additional tips on how to keep the boredom out of your work experience:

Open up to risk, change and opportunity
Create a personal vision
Set measurable goals for your vision
Work towards your vision everyday
Keep track of your daily achievements
Be enthusiastic about your goals

If you aren't giving you're all in these 'new times' when 'they' are looking to reduce a head count......

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Letitia said...

Or check out and see if what you are doing includes your true Elements of Interest. If not, how can you add these to your current life? During work or after work, they affect each other.