Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Holidays, people around the world and networking

We have just returned from a great adventure which included trips to the Galapogus islands and Peru whci included their rain forest and the Inca sites
What did I learn, apart from the fact these far away places are literally a world apart from living in the UK?
I learnt people are "nice".
Nice means friendly, approachable, welcoming and helpful. Yes lots are doing it becuase they are suppliers and you are the customer but we met 40 people on the 7 day tour on the Eclipse boat around the Islands. They were fellow passengers and they too were a great bunch of people to live with for a week.
If you are nervous meeting people whether it's in a social or busines arena start with the premise...most people are nice. The tiny minority who aren't should be avoided as soon as possible!
Happy New year.

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